Goat Milk

A favourite of Mahatma Gandhi, goat milk offers unmatched health benefits. It has the highest level of protein content after mother’s milk, which makes it perfect for growing babies. Better than cow’s or buffalo’s milk, it’s easily digestible, is rich in selenium and contains anti-bacterial medium-chain fatty acids. India has the second largest goat population in the world.

Sadly when it comes to production and consumption of Goat milk, the country has nothing to be proud of. But things are ready to change. To promote and produce goat milk on industrial scale, BVG Life Sciences has formed a partnership with Eurial International. Based in France, Eurial is a 130-year old co-operative with global operations in all continents. It processes 1 billion litres of goat milk. Just the kind of experience which we will need to bring second white revolution in India.

BVG has also formed a Consortium for Large Scale Products of Goat Milk.

  • All India Co-ordinated Research Project Goat Improvement (AICRP-ICAR)
  • South Gujarat Goat Farmers Co-operative Union
  • Mahatma Phule Krushi Vidyapeeth, Rahuri- Maharashtra