BVG Agrow Magic (200 ML)


All-in-One Herbal, Organic, Crop-Growth-Booster

  • Description

    • First time in India, unique herbal, nano-tech, 100% safe, food-grade, all-in-one formulation that boosts yield and quality in all agricultural crops.
    • Breaks nutrition molecules and water in nano-particles and thus helps increase nutrition and water uptake by roots.
    • Helps increased absorption of solar energy and CO2 by leaves, due to increase in cation exchange capacity.
    • Due to higher nutrition uptake, increases resistance power of crops and plants towards pests and diseases.
    • Non-Carcinogen, Zero-Residue and readily biodegradable.
    • Increases quality of crops and boosts yield in all crops.
    • Increases shelf life if sprayed on harvested produce. It retards process of ethylene gas generation, thus the produce takes longer to ripen. This helps the produce to stay fresher for longer time, by minimum 7 days to 14 days. This will help to tap long-distance and export markets.
    • Safe for Humans, Cattles and Birds. Honeybee Safe. Helps Increase Pollination.
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