BVG Agro Safe (400 ML)


All-in-One Herbal, Organic, Crop Protector

  • Description

    • First time in India, unique herbal, nano-tech, 100% safe, food-grade, all-in-one formulation that eliminates all harmful pests & diseases on all crops.
    • Controls All Fungal, Bacterial and Viral Diseases on Crops.
    • Controls All Sucking, Chewing and Eating Pests
    • Unique action, that kills only harmful pests and diseases, but does not harm friendly insects like honeybees, spiders, lady bird beetle, etc.
    • Non-Carcinogen, Zero-Residue and readily biodegradable.
    • Safe for Humans, Cattles and Birds. Honeybee Safe. Helps Increase Pollination
    • Acts as repellant. Pest does not attack even if present and dies of starvation.
    • All chemical pesticides attack on nervous system, which changes DNA of pests and diseases and they develop resistance power against those chemicals. BVG Agro Safe is contact eliminator, it acts on surface. Hence, pests or disease will not develop resistance power.
    • Farmer does not need to use mask, safety glasses, gloves, etc while using BVG Agro Safe.Saves expenses on labour for spraying, as only one product is needed for all major pests and diseases.

    Domestic Use:

    • Dipping in 0.5% solution helps detoxify fruits and vegetables purchased from the market.
    • Kitchen Gardening: Child (human) safe, hence can be easily used in homes as a single product for controlling all pests.
    • Easily removes stains on clothes, furniture and draperies.
    • Import Substitute, hence will save foreign currency.
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