BVG Life Sciences is the groups effort to bring the best of nutrition from around the world to meet the needs of humans, animals and plants. This division of BVG aims  to become a Category Leader in the Health and Wellness Space by enhancing the Nutritional Quality of Foods and Fortify with essential Nutrients based on the Micro Nutrient deficiencies in a particular Geography. Every offering by BVG is based on Strong Research 8 Development and Scientific Validation including 100% effectiveness & safety aspect on Consumer’s health BVG has always believed in Innovations and identified Disruptive Technologies which has the potential to scale.

The Company believes in providing outstanding products to Consumers at Affordable prices. With a strong supply chain, backward integration and dedicated tie-up with farmers, the Company aim is to control costs and pass on the benefits to Consumers as Real Value for Money.

A consortium of world changing ideas – BVG & NIF

BVG Life Sciences has formed strategic partnerships with leading organisations from across the world. The foremost IS the Joint Venture National Innovation Foundation (NIF) which IS an autonomous body of Department of Science & Technology, Government of India

  • National Innovation Foundation provides Institutional support to grass root innovators and outstanding traditional knowledge holders from the unorganised  sector of society
  • NIF owns 700 patents on behalf of the innvators
  • NIF is world’s largest idea bank with over 200,000 ideas and innovations from 555 districts in india

BVG Life Sciences has formed a joint Venture with National Innovations Foundation.

Together they are launching the following products:

  • Natural health products for daily consumption
  • Micro nutrition for mid day meals
  • Micro nutrition for women & child health
  • Anti cancer supplements
  • Micro nutrition for animal health
  • Bio fertilizers and Bio pesticides

Human Nutrition

In the past 20 years, Lifestyle diseases are on the rise in India. A large part of the population living in Cities suffer from Lifestyle disorders like Obesity, Diseases, Hypertension, High Cholesterol, Heart diseases and Osteoporosis.

There is population close to 370 million people who are Calorie Sufficient but Nutrient Deficient. There is equally large population of 320 million people who are deprived of Basic Nutrition. BVG Life Sciences have identified that are major areas of concern are associated with the intake of sugar, Salt, Fat and Flour. Accordingly it has ventured into nutraceutical products with the main objective to reduce dependency on curative measures.